Our Services

Our Services

Under the same roof and in close collaboration with the “Diabetes Center, Eleonorastrasse”, we mainly perform clinical trials for diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2 and associated metabolic, cardiovascular and neurological comorbidities. This includes not only the testing of new diabetic drugs for efficacy and safety (mainly Phase III, in selected cases Phase II and IV) but also new technologies in the field of diabetes and metabolic diseases as well as health care research.
In this respect we provide support to the pharmaceutical-, biotechnology- and medical device industries.

Our services for sponsors:

  • Clinical trial feasibility analysis

    Sponsors continue to explore ways to make clinical trials more efficient and effective in each phase of the drug development procedure. This applies in particular to trial feasibility and patient recruitment. Effective management of these aspects can make the difference between an effective trial from an unsuccessful one.
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  • Rapid standardized study scheduling
  • Patient recruitment: large patient database
    • Reduced patient recruitment periods

      Insufficient or untimely patient recruitment into clinical trials has serious consequences. The length of the trial may need to be extended, resulting in increased resource consumption and costs. Actually, 80 percent of industry clinical trials do not meet their recruitment targets on time.  These delays in drug development cost a lot of money, but finding and recruiting the right participants is easier said than done.
      To be successful, a clinical trial must take the patient’s perspective into account. What would make a patient willing to participate in a trial and to stay in it? How could patient participation be made easier? What do patients think about a particular disease and how it affects them in real life?
      Such essential questions can be answered more easily if you know the patient´s needs and personal circumstances. It helps to be able to draw the correct conclusions from a close and trusting, often longstanding physician-patient relationship.
      Due to the unique and direct relationship with the Diabetes Center on Eleonorastraße, we can combine both professional trial management and relationship-based patient selection of the treating physician.
      This helps you keep your trials on track!
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    • Careful documentation of patient history
  • Reliable resource planning regarding HR and in terms of medical equipment
    • flexible apparative and spatial possibilities
  • Identification of study-specific quality features
  • Quality management, quality assurance in execution and documentation
  • Time and intensive support for patients
  • ICH-GCP trained personnel
  • Studies are conducted in accordance with AMG
  • Mandatory standard operating procedures (SOPs)